With the rising project costs and falling tariff prices, it is the constant endeavor and challenge to the project developers and solar designers to achieve lowest LCoE and ensure reasonable ROI from the Solar Plants. The new technologies in the Solar Modules and the Balance of Systems continuously strive to increase the efficiency and yield from the solar plants. Bifacial Modules and Solar Trackers remain the most significant developments in the current times that has resulted in higher yields of more than 20~25% depending upon the geo-location of the plants.

We, at NewEnergie Renewables P Ltd have , in collaboration with SAT Controls d.o.o. Slovenia EU, developed advanced solar tracking systems for Solar PV Power Plants with assured long term dependable performance and highest generation yields.

We offer STL0-XX upto STL12-XX type Solar Trackers with modules tilted on the trackers from 0º to 12º for better wind and snow management , lower module operating temperatures and higher generation.

Why invest in Solar Trackes

Solar Trackers continuously track the sun and hence results in higher generation due to better angular alignment with the sun position.

The illustration depicts the generation graph of the Solar Trackers as compared to Fixed Tilt Systems.